Sony might unveil several 8K products at CES 2019

Sony’s rumored to be revealing a whole bunch of new 8K devices at CES this coming January, including an 8K stills or hybrid camera. 

According to Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony’s lineup for the annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas will feature an 8K television, 8K laser projector, 8K processing platform, and either an 8K camcorder or 8K camera. While information is limited, we are only a month out from Sony’s 7 January event, where Sony will reportedly unveil all this new 8K tech. More information will surely come out in the lead up to CES 2019.

But the most surprising new device it supposedly has planned is the 8K camera or camcorder, which could be part of the E-mount system, though Sony doesn’t usually announce E-mount gear at CES. Either way, Sony’s competition, including Panasonic, has indicated they don’t plan to launch 8K cameras until 2020 at the earliest. So, if this rumour is true, it would seemingly give Sony quite the heads up on the rest of the industry.

While we wouldn’t go tossing your 4K devices just yet, it’s clear we’re already heading toward the next era of high-resolution gadgetry. We’re hoping to see many of these products on display at CES 2019. See our guide on the show for more about what else we want to see there.

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