Apple iPad 9.7 (2018) and iPad Pro 10.5 get price cuts at Best Buy

If you need to buy a Wi-Fi-only Apple tablet for Christmas and you don’t want to pay too much for it, you should know that Best Buy currently has some attractive deals on the iPad 9.7-inch (2018) as well as on the iPad Pro 10.5-inch (originally released in 2017). Granted, there are better iPads currently on the market, but these two models are definitely worth your attention, especially when they are discounted. 

The iPad savings listed below are available at Best Buy only today (December 7) and tomorrow (December 8):

  • $60 off iPad 9.7-inch 32 GB – now $269.99 instead of $329.99
  • $80 off iPad 9.7-inch 128 GB – now $349.99 instead of $429.99
  • $150 off iPad Pro 10.5-inch 64 GB – now $499.99 instead of $649.99
  • $175 off iPad Pro 10.5-inch 256 GB – now $624.99 instead of $799.99
  • $175 off iPad Pro 10.5-inch 512 GB – now $824.99 instead of $999.99
Mind you, while both the iPad 9.7-inch (2018) and iPad Pro 10.5-inch support Apple’s Pencil stylus, this is not included in the prices seen above. Thus, if you need to complement your iPad with an Apple Pencil, you have to pay extra for it – usually $99.

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