Spotify testing favorite speaker quick connect feature, discontinuing Android widget

Spotify is testing out a new feature for its mobile app while also discontinuing one part of its Android app.

First up, Spotify is testing a feature that’ll make it easy to push your music to your favorite speaker. The app will first ask if you want to designate a “favorite” device with the Spotify Connect feature and, as noted by Thurrott, the app will then send you a notification asking if you want to switch to that speaker when you’re nearby.

Spotify favorite speaker nearby

Spotify Connect makes it easy to switch your streaming music from your phone to a speaker that supports it, but with that feature, you still need to press the Spotify Connect button in the Spotify app and then select your preferred speaker from a list of devices. This new “favorites” feature aims to make that process easier by sending you a notification when your preferred speaker is nearby and letting you connect with a button press, meaning you don’t have to go into the Spotify app and pick out your speaker from a list to switch to it.

Spotify hasn’t yet announced this feature, so it’s not clear when it might launch to the public.

Meanwhile, Spotify recently announced that it’s retiring the Spotify Widget for Android. The company isn’t saying why it’s killing off its Android widget (shown below), but it does say that you can access the same playback controls offered by the widget using the Spotify playback notification and on your phone’s lockscreen.

Spotify Android widget

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