What in the world did OnePlus just tease on Twitter?

OnePlus appears to be teasing a new product it might announce soon.

In a mysterious tweet, the company shared a dark photo of something and said it is coming soon. Several Twitter users then tried to guess what product could be, which led OnePlus to tweet in response: “No one’s worked it out yet! And no, it’s not a new phone…”.

But that’s not even the best part about this whole thing; if you try to brighten the photo OnePlus shared, you’ll see text that says “nice try”. 

OnePlusWhat in the world did OnePlus just tease on Twitter image 2

One user asked if the upcoming product is a “One Plus desk”, to which OnePlus replied, “Not quite! Getting warmer though… [monocole face]”.

So, we’re completely confused. Perhaps it’s something that goes on your desk? To us, the dark photo it teased looks like an up-close shot of piano keys, but at the same time, those “piano keys” do look like smartphones lined up.

What do you see? Many other users seem to think it could be a powerbank. Guess we’ll have to wait. OnePlus hasn’t said anything about hosting another event, so we suspect this product will be launched via press release.

That makes us think it’s an accessory or some sort of product that clearly doesn’t require much fanfare at launch.

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