How to watch the electric Mustang reveal

With the LA Motor Show looming (from Friday 22 November), Ford has been teasing the all-electric Mustang ahead of that show. It clearly wants to win the show floor and beyond.

Not only that, the American car-maker has brought Idris Elba on board as part of its European promotional work, as you can see in the video embedded directly above. “You don’t have to be loud to make a noise. After all, that would spoil the element of surprise,” says the actor. 

When can you watch the Mach-E launch?

The YouTube stream is embedded above as the lead video in this very piece. The full live-stream will be at these local times:

US west 21:30
US east 00:30 (+1)
UK: 05:30 (+1)
EU: 06:30 (+1)

Obviously an early wake-up time for some, but Pocket-lint will be at the European launch event on Monday 18 November to get a closer look at the car.

What to expect from the all-electric Mustang

As is so typical these days, not much remains a secret. While Ford has teased some snippets of the Mustang Mach-E’s headlights, a backdoor hack of the official site has revealed a whole lot more, i.e. the full SUV styling of the car.

Yep, the Mach-E isn’t just an existing Mustang body that’s been electrified, it’s a whole other idea for a different audience. It wants to take on the Tesla, Mercedes and Audi hybrids and EVs of this world.

We’ll be bringing a whole lot more info and photos from the European event.

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