Samsung’s Star Wars-themed Note 10+ bundle is out of this galax

A galaxy far, far away has joined forces with one closer to home. 

Disney and Samsung are releasing a special-edition, Star Wars-themed version of the Galaxy Note 10+ flagship smartphone. It will be available to buy from 13 December in the US, just a week ahead of the 20 December premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theatres.

The phone is actually part of a full Star Wars-themed bundle. The device itself comes in a Kylo Ren-decorated box, while its dark body features a First Order emblem on the back. There’s also red accents around the camera and the buttons of the phone. Add it all up, and this Galaxy Note 10+ will likely be a big hit among fans of the dark side of the Force. 

As for the extra goodies included with the phone, you’ll get the Galaxy Buds with a red casing and a red S Pen designed to look like a lightsaber. The box also includes a Kylo Ren leather case and what Samsung described as a “metal badge”.

SamsungStar Wars image 2

Other than that, the Star Wars Galaxy Note 10+ is the same as the original. However, the entire bundle is pricier. It costs $1,300 in the US, up from the current price of the standard Galaxy Note 10+, which is on sale for $840.

It will also be available in the UK, as well as in Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the UAE. Samsung said the phone will roll out in select markets on 10 December before its US-wide release on 13 December.

Pricing and release dates for other countries have yet to be specified.

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