Disney+ pre-sale deal goes live in UK, a year for under £50

Disney+ will launch in the UK (and other European regions) in a month’s time, on Tuesday 24 March 2020. And, you can now nab a great deal on a whole year’s subscription if you sign up in advance.

By pre-ordering Disney+ before launch day, you can get 12-months of the new streaming service for just £49.99 – that works out to £4.17 per month. A general monthly subscription will cost £5.99 per month otherwise.

You only have until 23 March 2020 to take up the offer. After then, the service will only be available for the full fee.


Disney+ is the new streaming service that includes programming and films from Disney‘s vast catalogue, including its own animated classics and shows, Pixar movies, plus the Star Wars and Marvel Universe collections.

National Geographic documentaries are also part of the content offering.

Perhaps the biggest draw at launch is the entire first season of The Mandalorian, with the debut appearance of The Child – perhaps more affectionately known as “Baby Yoda”.

With Disney+ having first launched in the US and Netherlands late last year, Baby Yoda has become something of sensation across the internet. There will also be a flood of toys and merchandise coming throughout 2020, including an animatronic version of the small, green infant.

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