Samsung’s Terrace TV is a 4K QLED outdoor TV, available now

Samsung’s new Terrace TV isn’t you’re average 4K QLED TV; it’s designed specifically for the outdoors.

While the Terrace TV does offer 4K resolution complete with QLED technology, it also packs aa weather resistance rating of IP55, provides 2,000 nits of brightness, and an anti-glare coating. Samsung is also announcing the Terrace Soundbar with distortion canceling technology and an IP55 weather-resistance rating. It can be mounted to the wall or directly onto the Terrace TV.

SamsungSamsung Terrace TV is a 4K QLED outdoor TV complete with a rain-proof soundbar 1 image 2

Add it all up, and you’ll be able to host summer BBQ parties with a legit outdoor home theatre. If you check out the company’s promotional images, it’s clear Samsung thinks the TV and soundbar can be hung outside, without worry of rain.

The Terrace TV comes in 55-, 65- and 75-inch sizes and is available now in the US and Canada. It will come Europe, Australia, and New Zealand at some point in the future. The 55-inch model is $3,455, the 65-inch is $4,999, and the 75-inch display is $6,499. No word on UK pricing.


Samsung said it’s also developing a “professional” model of the TV for businesses, and it announced new 2020 soundbars including Alexa models.

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