Amazon Echo Dot with Clock has price slashed

Amazon has slashed the price of the Echo Dot with Clock. 

This is one of the most recent additions to Amazon’s range of Echo speakers, showing you the time for added convenience. It’s also got £20 off the price, making it a really good time to buy the Echo Dot with Clock.


One of the biggest draws of the all-new Echo Dot is that simple LED clock on the outside, visible through the fabric layer. In every other way, it’s the 3rd-gen Echo Dot that you know and love. 

Like the standard Echo Dot, it’s a small, compact smart home speaker, able to serve up all the skills of Alexa, so you can use it for music, information or controlling other smart home devices.

It’s one of our favourite smart home speakers to date, thanks to its price, features and the versatility of Amazon’s smart home integrations. It’s small enough to fit anywhere, and useful enough to make the upfront cost more than worth it.

If you want to save even more money and aren’t overly fussed by the LED clock on the outside, you can also pick up the 3rd gen Echo Dot at a low price too, also with £20 off.


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