Xbox Series S console name confirmed by Microsoft controller packaging

We’ve known about the Xbox Series X for a while now, but rumor have suggested that Microsoft is also working on a lower cost version of its next console that’s codenamed Lockhart. And now the name of that model has been confirmed by Microsoft’s own product packaging.

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox controller has revealed that Xbox Series S will be the name of the other new Xbox console that’s in the works. Twitter user Zak S (via The Verge) was able to purchase the controller, and on the side of the box it has a list of compatible devices that includes “Xbox Series X|S”.

Xbox Series S name confirmed

A second person was also able to buy the same Xbox controller and show both the packaging and the controller itself on video.

It’s rumored that this Xbox Series S will include the same custom Zen 2 CPU as the Xbox Series X, but with less RAM (7.5GB of usable memory) and around 4 teraflops of GPU performance rather than the 12 teraflops that the Xbox Series X will offer.

One major detail that we don’t yet know about the Xbox Series X or Series S consoles is how much either of them will cost. The Xbox Series S is expected to be a good deal cheaper than the Series X, though, giving consumers a more affordable way to get into the next generation of console gaming.

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