Google Meet update adds support for noise cancellation on Android and iOS

Google is bringing Meet users a new feature that will make it easier to filter out any kind of disruptive noise while they’re using the app. You don’t even have to use a pair of headphones that use noise-canceling technology since everything is made possible by Google’s cloud-based AI, which can process any sound it picks up and remove it accordingly.Support for noise cancellation is now available for Google Meet users on both Android and iOS platforms, but those using the app on the web can take advantage of the new feature as well. There’s just one important thing to remember: the feature is OFF by default.

To enable noise cancellation on your device, if you’re on Android, tap the screen, then choose More / Settings and turn on the feature before a video call. The same procedure is available on the iPhone and iPad.

The noise cancellation feature can filter out noises from typing on a keyboard, closing a door, or the sounds of nearby construction sites among other things. However, it will not filter out voices from TV or people talking at the same time.

Keep in mind that noise cancellation is not available worldwide. According to Google, the feature is not yet available in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, and the immediately surrounding areas.

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