Dacia jumps into electric cars with the Spring Electric

(Pocket-lint) – Dacia has taken a step into electric cars with the Spring Electric. Like other Dacia models, it’s designed to be affordable – although we don’t have a price for it yet – but we would expect it to come in under £20,000, if it goes on sale in the UK.

The styling is instantly recognisable as a Dacia, roof rails, reinforced arches and other city car elements adorning this dinky SUV. There’s some hints of Renault, unsurprisingly, with the basic interior designed to avoid unnecessary expense.

It’s designed as a short-range electric car, the sort of thing that city dwellers might opt for, or as a second car for those local trips where you don’t need excessive range.

There’s a 26.8kWh battery that will give you around 140 miles, and a 33kW motor – 44hp equivalent – that will propel you to a top speed of 78mph. It will support charging at 6.6kW (about average for a domestic wall box) while faster 30kW DC charging is an optional extra.

The charging time from a standard wall socket would be 14 hours, from a wall box just 5 hours, while those opting for the 30kW charging will have it back up to 80 per cent in under an hour. For anyone considering longer range driving, that would be an option you’d want to take.

The Dacia Spring Electric isn’t going to, pardon the pun, electrify the EV market, but it might practically address the need for more electric car options at more affordable prices.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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