Sky Q voice search enhanced further, now works with apps

(Pocket-lint) – Sky has added extra functionality to its voice search. It can now be used to help you find something interesting to watch, even if you don’t know what to look for specifically.

You can now say “what should I watch?” into your Sky Q voice remote and you will be served a page of recommendations. These even include programming on Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – if you subscribe to either of the latter.

The suggested shows and films will be based on your previous viewing habits, including content you’ve watched across Sky, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and BBC.

The destination page will be segemented into “because you watched”, “new series for you”, and other personalised sections. You will also see the top 10 shows on Sky for the week, in case you want to catch up with any of those too.

Other new voice commands added include “get ready for 2021” and “Sky unmissable”. Saying either will present first look trailers at some of the new series coming to Sky this year.

We also highlight some of them in our regularly updated round-up of best upcoming TV shows and movies right here.

There are 125 Sky Originals coming in 2021, we understand.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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