Google Chrome 89 for Android brings faster loading times

The latest Google Chrome for Android update brings improved memory management which helps Chrome start 13% faster than before. The so-called “Freeze-dried” tabs aka tabs you’ve left open from your previous browser session will now be saved in a special lightweight version that takes up as much space as a screenshot and still supports scrolling, zooming and tapping on links. Google explains this will help you get a more responsive feel while the webpage actually loads up in the background.

In addition, the new Chrome for Android should bring improved memory use and reduce crashes while also booting up 7.5% faster on startup. Google also claims 22% better browser process performance, 8% better rendering and 3% GPU improvements.

There’s also clearance on the 64-bit Google Chrome for Android version which will arrive to devices running Android 10 with 8GB RAM or more. The repackaged 64-bit Chrome app promises 8.5% faster loading times and 28% smoother scrolling and less input latency.


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